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Grand Canyon National Park interview for “audio ranger” podcast

As a scholar-educator, I am dedicated to communicating timely and insightful research about the environment, culture, public lands policy, and tourism to public and scholarly audiences.  My work includes expertise in Yellowstone National Park, Grand Canyon NP, Grand Teton NP, the American West and Europe. See the list below for examples of my research featured in a newspapers, radio shows, and interviews.

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Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 4.18.17 PM I build community engagement and public dissemination of my research into all of my projects My activities include public talks and presentations at libraries, museums, and community spaces,  the creation of free websites and mobile apps to share my research findings, consulting with curators, librarians, and archivists on museum displays and exhibits, leading K – 12 teachers in field research learning modules, and collaborative research that engages community input.

Interviews & Research News (websites, newspapers, radio shows, magazines)

2016   “Preserving History of Grand Teton National Park” News article featured on front page of ISU’s home website, focusing on my research about outdoor recreation history (research funded by external grant from U.S. National Park Service).  March.

2016    “Technology Brings Audience Closer to Teton Artifacts” in Idaho State University Magazine News article focused on my collaborative research with ISU’s Department of Geosciences (D. Delparte) and National Park Service (Bridgette Guild) to create 3D visualizations of Native American ethnographic objects in Grand Teton NP’s museum collections. Page 6.

2016     “Preserving a History of Grand Teton National Park’s Guides and Rangers” in Annual  Report of Idaho State University, 2015 – 2016. New article featuring my research about outdoor recreation history (research funded by external grant from U.S. National Park Service).

2017     Radio Interview on KHOL 89.1 (radio station, Jackson, Wyoming).  February 12, 2016. Interview with local reporter about my upcoming public talks about Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park research.

2015     “History Prof to Study Snake River Recreation” in the Jackson Hole Daily.  Newspaper for Jackson, Wyoming.  News story featuring my research about Grand Teton NP’s outdoor recreation history. 9 October 2015.  “Local” Page.

2015     “Using 3D to Preserve History” in The Bengal. News story focusing on my research project to create 3D visualizations of ethnographic objects in Grand Teton National Park’s museum collections.  23 September, 2015. Page 3.

2015     “Grand Awarded to Help Preserve Indian Artifacts” in the Standard Journal, Rexburg Idaho newspaper. News story featuring my research about Grand Teton NP’s outdoor recreation history. 27 August 2015.  Published online.

2015     “ISU Professor Youngs Receives Grant to Preserve Teton National Park American Indian Artifacts with 3D Scans” in ISU Headlines.  21 August 2015.

2015     “NCPTT Announces 2015 PTT Grant Awards” on U.S. National Park Service’s National Center for Preservation and Technology Training website.  13 July 2015.

2015     “ISU Professor Gets Grant from National Park Service” in Idaho State Journal. 23 August 2015. Page D2.

2014     “Professors Develop Yellowstone App” in News & Notes Online, Idaho State University. 10 September, 2014

2014     “A Digital Wonderland” in Bengal News. 24 September 2014. Page 3.

2011     “Grand Canyon Treasure” Story featuring my Grand Canyon archival postcard research in Life in a Postcard Mirror (blog) Curt Teich Postcard Archives.  Issue: 03/24/2011.

2009     “If a Map Could Talk.”  Feature story in The Daily O’Collegian (OSU student newspaper) about my teaching and research background. Issue: 11/03/2009.

2007     “Outdoor Classroom—Grande!” Story in ASU Research Magazine.